Gender Female
Species Sandwing
Allegiance Allwings
Job Trainer
Age 23 years
Status Alive
Sexuality Heterosexual 
Voice Lauren Aquilia
Themesong Sinners -Lauren Aquilia
Roleplayer The-Lonely-Owl


Instead of being a a yellow color she is more of a golden brown and has the grey eyes that run in her family, and her stinger is pure silver and useless, she tends to were a worn and ripped brown cloak and a few earrings


She is very social yet values her time alone, and she will always fulfill her promises. Most say shes spicy both Literally and metaphorically as she could eat the most spiciest thing with a poker face and she is very attached to someone she cares for but she also tends to get embarrassed easily.

She also has a lot of fighting ability and know the exact places to make any dragon lose all feeling in there body , and the most vulnerable places on a dragons body



Relation: Father


Cause of Death:Murdered by Papyrus


Relation: Mother

Status: Dead

Cause of Death: Murdered by Tumbleweed


Relation:Older Brother

Status: Alive

Age: 26 years


Relation:Younger Brother

Status: Alive

Age: 20


Relation: Friend(Or rather Boyfriend but she won't admit it)

Status: Alive

Species: Nightwing

any eggs with?: No


Relation: Friend 

Status: Alive

Trust rate: 97%


Relation: Friend

Status: Alive 

Trust rate: 96%


Zerda grew up the middle dragonet in her family she was normaly ignored since the other sandwing dragonets where either teasing her younger brother and fighting her older brother, and when her mother killed her father and brother killed her mother she simply ran away with almost zero emotonail attachment as they also ignored her either fussing over her younger brother or sculding her older brother


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