"Bet I know something else you don't. There's dew on the grass in the morning"

-Clarisse McClellan to Guy Montag, Fahrenheit 451


Basic Information

Name Vale
Gender Female
Species MudWing
Allegiance Oleander
Rank Drifter
Orientation Bisexual
Age 21 years
Roleplayer TheArgentFish


Scales: Vale's overscales are a darker shade of brown and her undersides are paler; the undersides of her wings are a pale color.

Eyes: She has chocolate eyes which is common among MudWings.

Build: MudWings are mainly large and barrel-chested, but Vale, however, is not this way. From living among SkyWings for several years, she is more agile and slender than the average MudWing.

Personality: When she was alive - before she joined Oleander and Leviathan, that is - Vale worked for the SkyWings as an assassin after her siblings succumbed to bloodscales. She was always expected to be hardened and toughened by this work, but she wasn't, and remained softhearted, naive and meek for the short time she lived. Vale was oftentimes short-tempered around her Queen and King's rivals and would put up a fight if they dare threaten the SkyWing Royalty.

Voice: Sofia Boutella



Vale's early life was very bland. She grew up without parents as apart of MudWing custom, was raised by her bigwings, and fought for the MudWing Kingdom for most of her younger life. Everything was boring for her and she remained like any other MudWing, ignorant and happy in these peaceful times. It was then her brother ran off with a RainWing when things started to go south (well, more like north in this case *points at Aconcagua*).

About a year later, a plague known as Bloodscales hit the MudWing Kingdom hard. It had originated from the SandWing Kingdom and caused its victims to bleed from every opening in their body, between their scales and from their ears. Her siblings fell ill with the disease and only by turning against her Queen did she manage to avoid death; she does not regret that decision. She managed to be recruited as an assassin somehow, perhaps it was her knowledge of foreign kingdoms that got her this job (or maybe it was the need for service because the SkyWings had just returned from exile). Vale served under King Empyrean.

But you know the rest. Yes, I'm sure you do, my friend.

Oh, and then she got killed by Vandrea in the form of Baltic.



Parents: Unnamed MudWings

Brothers: Saltwater, Fen, Otter, Toad

Sisters: Misty, Swan

Nephew: Aconcagua

Love Interest(s): Oleander, Leviathan (formerly)



  • Vale is in Haunting Whispers with Shale, a certain SandWing's former lover.
  • If she had lived, she would have fled back to Oleander after being attacked and lived with her, Leviathan and Vixen.
  • She probably would have adored Vixen.
  • Vale thinks of herself as adorable.
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