The Orphanage

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Welcome to Pyrrhia's Orphanage. I am Nightflame, The Owner. Whether You're an Orphan Looking For Somewhere to Call Home Until You're Adopted, a Dragon Looking to Adopt, or Just Someone in Need of a Job, There is a Spot For You Here. This is a Safe Place For Anyone.

Mysteries of The Starlit Pond


Setup: Name/Username/Gender/Species/Description/Personality/Position

Jobs Include: Dragonet Care Workers, Receptionists, Background Checkers, Egg Caretaker, Egg and Dragonet Gatherer, Food Gatherer

Nightflame/Foxwolfaccount2/Female/Skywing+Nightwing/Her scales are mainly black red and white. The scales under her wings glow red instead if have that star sparkle, they are big compared to most dragons but are slightly smaller than a normal Skywing's. /Nightflame is usually a clam and motherly dragoness. When needed she will use her "big momma dragon voice" and she won't put up with any nonsense. She has minor trust issues from her past, but they don't show up as often anymore. She used to work with animals too, but found her true passion for caring for dragonets. She has a crush on a certain someone, but you'll have to figure out who that is for yourself./Owner

Quill/Roudyruru/Female/Sandwing+Mudwing/Most of Her Scales are a Sandy Color, But Her Top Scales are Light Brown. She is Missing Her Back Right Leg and Has Blue Eyes./Quill is Kind and Gentle, But Doesn't Like Others Asking About Her Missing Leg./Egg Caretaker

Seaweed/The-Lonely-Owl/Female/Seawing/TBA/She is Quiet, Playful, and Sometimes Demanding./Egg and Dragonet Gatherer

Rosewood/JuniperTheSkyWing/Female/Skywing+Mudwing/Rosewood has light reddish-brown scales, beautiful green eyes, and a MudWing-like body. She has the narrow snout, thinner legs, and large wings of her SkyWing mother, and the powerful chest, curved horns, and lovely amber underscales of her MudWing father./Rosewood is kind, loving, and caring, treating every dragonet as if it is her own. She is peaceful and takes great joy in seeing the dragonets she cares for grow up and do great things. She is on the younger side, and cares for every dragonet after losing her husband, Hurricane, in a terrible battle./Dragonet Caretaker

Megaloceras/JuniperTheSkyWing/Male/Icewing/Blue scales with hints of dark gray and gray-brown around his wings, legs, horns, and tail. His horns are also larger than normal, and spread outward./Megaloceras is hard, cold, and steely, but young dragonets can melt his steeled heart easily. He is attractive, but in that cold way that attracts the fire-hearted dragonesses to win his heart./Dragonet Caretaker

Phoenix/Roudyruru/Male/Skywing/He is a Blood~Red Dragon With Dark Red Eyes. He Also Has a Satchel For Weapons./He is Protective and Kind./Co.Owner

Flourite/JuniperTheSkyWing/Female/Gemwing/She has green-blue scales due to a rare color mutation, and is the only recorded non-red, pink, or purple GemWing. She is a fairly elderly GemWing who loves caring for dragonets and eggs, despite having to chosen to have none of her own. She loves telling stories and teaching the dragonets./She is a sweet, elderly dragoness who educates the orphans. She cares for her nieces Rhodonite and Padparadscha with a loving heart and open wings. She is not a good flier, and is very tall. She loves to tell them legends, true stories, and silly little nursery rhymes. You couldn't ask for a better teacher./Teacher

Rutile/JuniperTheSkyWing/Male+Female/Skywing+Gemwing/Rutile is actually two dragons sharing one body. They are split halfway dark red GemWing, halfway dark red SkyWing. They have two heads, one identifying as male, and the other female. The dragonets are often rather scared of Rutile, but they are very kind./Rutile is very shy and nervous on her GemWing head, and half brash and outspoken on his SkyWing head. The two heads often get into heated arguments, and Flourite often calms them down./Dragonet+Egg Collector For TLC

Prince Borealis/Seawings4Life/Male/Icewing/He is Primarily White With a Pastel Green Chest and Pastel Green Front Talons. He Has Pastel Pink Back Talons and Pastel Pink Back Spikes. The Spikes on His Neck are Pastel Blue and The Spikes on His Head and Tail are Pastel Purple. He Has 2 Scars Where His Wings Were Cut Off./Although he is Pretty Young, The Experience of Getting His Wings Cut Off Has Given Him a Strong Value of Life. He Would do Anything to Defend Anyone./Egg Caretaker

Blackfire/Openwing/Male/Nightwing/He is Black With Gray Underscales and a Gray Underbelly./He Can be Kind and Prefers Watching Things./Egg Collector

Buzzard/Seawings4Life/Male/Skywing/He is Mostly Red With Yellow and Pink Markings./He is Very Caring and Loves Dragonets./Dragonet Caretaker

Mysteries of The Starlit Pond

Adoptable Dragonets

Tribes are Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Setup: Name/Username/Gender/Species (Only For Hybrids)/Description/Personality/Egg or Hatched


None For Now!


Xander/ForeverFrosted/Male/He is a Dusty Black Dragon With Large Wings and a Pointed Snout. He Has a Skull Amulet Around His Neck That is Surrounded by Rubies. His Eyes are Dark Red./He is Curious, Charming, and Sneaky./Hatched


Branch/MistyBreeze123/Female/She is a Small Dragon With Light Green Scales. Her Spine is Dark Brown and She Has Dark Brown Markings That Curve Down Her Face and Cover Her Snout./Will Develop./Hatched


Rhodonite/JuniperTheSkyWing/Female/She has shiny red scales with pink highlights, and is actually missing the third horn on her forehead. She has black horns, claws, and teeth, and pretty, shimmery eyes./Rhodonite is a sweet GemWing with a nervous composure. She possesses a strong affection for Killerbee, but would never admit that to him, but has confided in her twin sister and Nectar, the two and only dragonets closest to her./Hatched

Padparadscha Sapphire (Padparadscha for short)/JuniperTheSkyWing/Female/She has very glimmery pink with red highlights, but is not missing her third forhead horn like Rhodonite. Her eyes are a lovely sapphire blue, and she has ivory white horns, claws, and teeth./Padparadscha is a very kind and caring dragonet, and she is sweet and kind. She cares for Rhodonite, and has slight affections for *insert female dragonet here*. She is kind and easily embarrased, even if her sister will never tell her deepest, darkest secret. (she's a lesbian <3)/Hatched


Nectar/JuniperTheSkyWing/Female/Bugwing + Forestwing/Nectar has the body of a normal BugWing, but has the head of a ForestWing, which is narrowed. She does have the antennae and fangs of a BugWing, but has the colors of a ForestWing. Her scales are freckled with shiny gold blobs of color that give her her name. Nectar is smaller than most ForestWings due to being half BugWing./Nectar is shy and nervous, often hiding in her 'blanket fort' in the middle of the orphanage. Her mother gave her and her brother to the orphanage as eggs, and they were raised in the orphanage. Nectar doesn't ever want to leave, but Killerbee wants to see the lands he came from, The Lost Continent./Hatched

Killerbee/JuniperTheSkyWing/Male/Bugwing+Forestwing/Killerbee has the body of a Forestwing, but the head and abilities of a Bugwing. He has dark gold splotches and insectoid wings, and the colors of a ForestWing. He, however, has ForestWing horns. He is also smaller than the average ForestWing, but is larger than Nectar./Killerbee is tough, brave, and smart. He is the leader of the dragonets who belong to the tribes on the Lost Continent, and is in fierce competiton with Navyblue over this. He longs to leave the orphanage behind and lead his Lost Continent band of orphans to safety in their homeland. Someday he might, but will that day ever come?/Hatched

Flood/The-Lonely-Owl/Female/Stormwing+Seawing/She is Very Dark Purple With an Ombre Wing Pattern./She is Head~Strong and Fierce./Egg

Loon/Seawings4Life/Male/Seawing+Skywing/He Has a Seawing~Like Build With Longer, Skywing~Like Legs and Large Skywing~Like Wings. He Has Gills, Webbed Talons, Weak Fire, and Aquatic Flashers. His Main Color is Gold and His Markings Are Orange./He is Adventurous and Excitable./Hatched

Sunset/Luna Crystal/Male/Sandwing+Nightwing/He has a pattern of colors on his scales, making a sunset like color. He also has some white spots on his underside wings like a nightwing. His horns stick up like a Sandwing, and he has a light brown mane. And he has too small silver hoop earrings on his right ear. /Sunset is a flirt, and that's that. His flirtyness can get him in trouble with some females sometimes, but he doesn't mind. All in all Sunset is a very nice dragonet./Hatched.

Bat/Luna Crystal/Male/Rainwing X Bugwing/Bat is the size of a rainwing dragonet. He also has a snappers in his mouth that he can make come out, his snappers produce an acid like saliva that he can shoot at enemies. The tip of his tail can light up uncontrollably, and his scales can change colors except he can't control his changing scales ether./Bat is a nice and kind dragon. Though he is a nice and kind dragon, if a mean, rude, or harmful dragon is mean or hurts his friends and family he is not afraid to protect them./Hatched.


None for now!


None For Now!


Star/MistyBreeze123/Male/He Looks Like a Normal Moonwing, But is Blind With Off~White Eyes. He is Also Very Small./He is Shy, Caring, and Timid./Egg


Shadowseer/The-Lonely-Owl/Male/He is has black undersclaws with a light-grey overscales/He Never Talks, Yet His Silence Says Alot, he has a sister named MoonHunter/Hatched

Moonhunter/The-Lonely-Owl/Female/She has midnight black scales with purple highlights/She is Loud and The Exact Opposite of Her Brother, Shadowseer./Hatched


Akoya/Openwing/She is a Beautiful, White Pearlwing./She is Fairly Sassy and Loves Anything Beautiful, Sometimes She Can Overreact./Hatched


None For Now!


Longhorn/Seawings4Life/Male/He is Very Pale Yellow With Caramel Brown Diamonds Running Down Both Sides of His Spine. He Has Hickory Brown Eyes./He is Very Talkative and Very Active./Hatched

Nile/Roudyruru/Female/She Has Pale Sandy Scales With Dark Diamond Patterns. Her Eyes Are Onyx Black./She is Kind and Sweet, Not What You'd Expect From a Sandwing./Hatched

Adder/Luna Crystal/Female/Adder has a normal Sandwing structure, she has a Mohawk like mane, and she has two scars on her neck. Her top scales are a dark brown and her underbelly is a tan color. And she has a hoop earring on her left ear./Adder is a tomboy, she likes to hang with guys more than girls. And she can be a bit of a flirt. She also likes to do boyish things, and she absolutely hates doing girly things.


Seafoam/The-Lonely-Owl/Female/she had dark green scales with lighter under scales/They Are Bossy and Commanding./Hatched


None For Now!


None so Far!


Lavender (Left Head) and Chamomile (Right Head)/Seawings4Life/Female/Lavender's Half of The Body is Lavender While Chamomile's Half is Light Pink./Lavender is Very Calm and Sweet While Chamomile is Roudy and Excitable. They Are Both Intelligent and Talkative./Hatched (Geminiwing)

Boulder/ForeverFrosted/Male/He is Deep Black With Brown Markings and Gray Eyes./He is Quiet and Serious./Hatched (Cavewing)

Guillotine/The-Lonely-Owl/Female/Depends on how dark the room she is so if its dark her scales will be black and vice versa, razor sharp teeth as her species eats bone marrow so she has to be able to chew through bones, a extremely slim tounge, her wing membrain(whats in between her wing bones) is completely clear,and small but sharp horns as the corner of her mouth and completely Amber eyes/She is Insanely Smart, Pessimistic, and Forgiving./Egg (Secret Species)

Ivy/Roudyruru/She is Pitch Black With Bright Green Eyes and a Long Snout. She Has Short Fur and a Long Tail./She is Quiet and Self Conscious. She Always Gets Picked on For Looking Like a "Weak Little Wolf"./Hatched (Wolfwing)

Mysteries of The Starlit Pond

Adopted Dragonets

Setup:Name/Username/Gender/Species/Description/Personality/Adopted by

Navyblue/JuniperTheSkyWing/Female/Seawing/Navyblue has dark blue scales that often appear black, and deep cobalt bioluminescent scales./Navyblue is a brash and hotheaded dragonet, leading the Pyrrhian orphans. Her greatest rival is Killerbee, and she has often gotten very physical with him. She wants to be a general in the SeaWing army when she gets older, or even the queen./Vandrea

Arrow/Roudyruru/Female/Skywing/She is Dark Red With Amber Eyes./She is Mean and Snarky/Buzzard

Parrot/The-Lonely-Owl/Female/Skywing+Rainwing/She is Colored Like a Parrot./She is Lazy, Yet Fierce./Buzzard

Glamour/Seawings4Life/Female/Rainwing/She is Mint Green With Pastel Blue Eyes and Pastel Yellow Markings./She is Very Quiet (Her Voice is Like Fluttershy From MLP) and She Doesn't Talk Much. She Enjoys Drawing and Writing Poems./Hope

Corpse/The-Lonely-Owl/Female/Deathwing/She is Pure Black With a Black Skull on Her Face./She is Mysterious and Cunning./Queen Flamingo

Frozen/Roudyruru/Female/Icewing/She is Pure White With Dark Blue Eyes and Long, Sharp Talons./She is Adventurous and Likes to Ask Question./Queen Flamingo

Northern/ForeverFrosted/Female/Icewing+Rainwing/She is Mostly White With Some Color~Changing Scales./She is Quiet, Intelligent, Kind, Nervous, and Charming./Queen Flamingo

Garter/Badgerburr/Male/Forestwing/He is Mostly Brown With Green Wing Membranes./He's Lazy and Ambitious/Queen Flamingo

Sapphire/Sweetstarthebrave/Female/Gemwing+Pearlwing/A dragon with the build of a gemwing except there are abnormally large wings. She has a range of teal to lime green. Her abilties match those of a gemwing except she has gills. She also has webbed talons and a weak water jet.(Cmon people I love my water)/She's kind and outgoing and takes comfort with TLC dragonets./Princess Stormy

Hiss/MistyBreeze123/Male/Unknown (Cloudwing)/He is a Massive, Normal Looking Dragonet With Many Scars./He is Hostile, Sly, Sneaky, and Cunning./Princess Stormy

Pidgeon/The-Lonely-Owl/Female/Cloudwing/She Has The Same Coloration as a Pigeon and Has Green Eyes./She is Nervous and Timid./Lucia+Rose

Puddle/The-Lonely-Owl/Female/Mudwing/She is Strong and Acts as a Body Guard to Pidgeon./Lucia+Rose

Monarch/Roudyruru/Male/Bugwing/He Looks Like a Monarch Butterfly With Blue Eyes./He is Curious, Nice, Calm, and Gentle./Queen Flamingo

Seawriter/Openwing/Female/Nightwing+Seawing/She is Dark Blue With Light Blue Underscales and Wings That Looked Like The Night Sky./They are Fairly Kind and Tend to Rush Conversations./Queen Flamingo

Hail/Openwing/Male/Icewing/He is Light Blue With Green Eyes./He is Fairly Calm and Can be Shy, But He Likes Talking to The Staff./Prince Borealis

Anchialine/Seawings4Life/Female/Unknown (Cavewing)/She is Primarily Dark Gray With a Dark Brown Underbelly. She Has Bumpy Skin Like a Regular Cavewing, and Her Tiny Eyes are Dark Brown./She is Pretty Happy, Even Though She Looks Different, She Just Thinks it Makes Her Special./Quill

Peacock/Seawings4Life/Female/Unknown (Cloudwing)/She is Mostly Black With Blue and Gold Markings and a Goldish Tan Underbelly. She Also Has Amber Eyes and Peacock Like Feathers on Her Head. (Due to a Birth Defect Causing Her Feathers to Look Different.)/She is a Big Lovebug Who Likes Cuddling With Loved Ones and Talking to Them. She is Very Affectionate and Wouldn't Hurt a Fly./Hare

Sahara/The-Lonely-Owl/Female/Unknown (Oasiswing)/She is Golden Brown With Green Highlights and Blue Eyes./She is Headstrong and Snappy./Centipede

Bruise/Foxwolfaccount2/Female/Forestwing+Gemwing/A highly deformed dragonet tossed out by her parents like trash. She has a layer of fur/feather like scales and antlers, plus a mysterious third horn that emits an eerie purple glow. She has fangs, but thats just because of bad genetics causing her teeth to jut out like that, she can speak clearly though. Some of the deformities are due to her parents litterally throwing her egg against the forest floor./She is Shy and Soft~Spoken. She Doesn't Like to Interact With Many Dragons./Queen Cockateil

Snow/Luna Crystal/Female/Snow is a snow White icewing, with light blue marks on her back. And she has a normal icewing structure./Snow is a sarcastic and can be grumpy sometimes, and sometimes very salty. But on the inside she is very nice./Hatched./Scrab.

Prawn/Seawings4Life/Male/Unknown (Krillwing)/He is White With Red Stripes, Six Legs, and Dark Black Eyes. He is Very Tiny./He is Scared of Large Dragons (Anyhing Bigger Than a Bugwing) Because He Watched One Eat His Parents. If You Assure Him You Won't Eat Him, he Might Warm up to You. He Likes to Read, But Not Really to Talk and Enjoys Making Sculptures Out of Clay./Termite

Mysteries of The Starlit Pond

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