This is a page just to explain something that SOMEONE is confused about(Aka Juniper :T)

Name Amount(in USD) Look
Amber(Not really amber just the name $1 a large gold colored coin
Tanzanite(not really Tanzanite just the name) $2 a medium sized aquamarine colored coin
Ruby(Not really a ruby just the name) $4 A small Red coin
Sapphire(Not really a Sapphire just the name) $8 A slightly bigger then a ruby blue coin
Malachite(Not really Malachite just the name) $12 A medium sized green coin
Opal(not really Opal just the name) $16 a small white and purple coin
Lapis Lazuli(Not really Lapis just name) $20 A large blue coin with a stone color splotched around
Emerald(Not really Emerald just name) $26 A small green coin


Name Converson
Amber None
Tanzanite 2 amber makes a Tanzanite
Ruby 2 Tanzanite make a Rub
Sapphire 4 Ruby make a Sapphire
Malachite 4 Sapphire make a Malachite
Opal 4 Malachite make a Opal
Lapis Lazuli 4 Opal make a Lapis Lazuli
Emerald 6 Lapis make a Emerald

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