The Constellation Pet Shop

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You wander around the marketplace and check your shopping list. The only things left were a new pet, supplies, and "Reading Omens: A guide to future seeing for every dragon by Penguin the Icewing Nightwing Hybrid (Mahagony Manor)"  You looked on the pamphlet for the best-rated pet shops and saw The Constellation Pet Shop on it. You flew over to it and went inside and saw the sky in all its beauty (after a bit of looking you realized it was enchanted). Flyers in stacks were there for customers and you grabbed one reading it. Apparently, there were multiple rooms for each type of animal you could get. While you were looking you saw that they had their own line of wolves in which were bigger, stronger, more loyal, and more friendly depending on which type you want. You looked at the animals they offered and went in the hallway and into the reptile room and saw a black Mexican kingsnake (The sign said his name was Obsidian and he was three months old).  A dragoness with a wolf and a hedgehog came through and you recognized her as Princess Frostbite. She smiled and waved as she went into the back room saying "Employees only. Bring injured animals in here". After you picked up the tank you went out of the room to the checkout counter and a Nightwing began working on the list of proper supplies and healthcare and another Nightwing came in and said to the other Nightwing.

"I hope your having a nice day both of you! By the way, I'm Aquarius and this is Linda! Were family run! By the way checkups for your pet are reduced when you take good care of your pet! By the way Obsidian loves it when he can rest on your horns!"

You let the snake slither around your horns as you wave goodbye.

'The 'Animals

Gray Wolves

Yip|Female| 1 year| Brown

Fang| Male| 1 Year| Gray

Stag| Male| 2 years| Black

Doe| Female| 2 years| White

Fawn| Female| 2 years| Gray

Tundra Wolves

1 litter: 1 month

Snowflake| Female| White

Frost| Male| White

Coco| Female| Light gray

Arctic Wolves

Litter 1: 1 month

Tundra| Female|  White

Blizzard| Female| Light gray

Whiteout| Female| White with light gray spot on eye

Vancouver Island Wolves

Splash|Female| Brown (chocolate) White underbelly| Reserved by Queen Juniper (Junipertheskywing)

Lily| Female| Gray with white paw

Wave| White

Coconut| Coconut brown

Thats all the wolves for now come back soon!


Black Mexican King Snakes

Obsidian|Male|3 months

Royal| Female| 1 year

Noble| Male| 1 year

Throne| Male| 1 year

Ball Python

Vine| Female| 1 year

Pip| Female| 1 year

Jaguar| Male| 6 months

Asian Vine Snakes

Leaf| Male|2 weeks

Thats all the snakes for now! Check back soon!


(All are Algerian colors)

Lettuce| Female| Black

Mango| Female| Dark grey

Fig|Female| Cinnamon

Palm|Female| Cinnocot

Coco|Female| Dark Cinnocot

Breeze|Male| Albino| Reserved by Spider Crab (Seawings4life)


Nibble| Male| Black Otter

Carrot| Male| Brown-Gray Agouti

Baby Girl (totally not a reference to my sister's fantasized pet)| Female| Agouti

Star| Female| Broken Black

Berry| Female| Silver


Cheese| Male| Cream

Cow| Male| White with black spots| Reserved by Spoonbill (Seawings4life)

Sniffles| Female| Black






Blue-Tongued Skink

Slither| Male

Sunny| Male




We have an assortment of birds in which we haven't named yet!

The Adopted Animals

These are the animals that have been adopted from our shop!

Evergreen| Tundra x Vancouver Island Wolf| Female| 1 year| Princess Frostbite

Honeydew| Hedgehog| Algerian Gray| Female| 4 months| Princess Frostbite

The  Employees

The Employees are in charge of taking care of the animals and the others who work and live here at the shop.


Self Explanatory



Assistant Manager


Linda| Female| Nightwing

Head Caretaker


The Head Caretaker supervises, heals, and uses animus touched objects to extend their lifespans all in order to give you and the pet a better life!

Reserved for One of the Constellation siblings



Caretakers heal and uses animus touched objects to better the health and lifestyle of the animals. They also are in charge of caring for the animals in every aspect (feeding, cleaning)

Frostbite| Female| NightxIcexSea 




Janitors clean the shop

Supply dragons

They buy or get more resources when needed and stock the shelves

Head Hound

The toughest Feralwing Hound (May be a hybrid). Must be decently intelligent and sane.

Bear| Hunt x Feral| Female| Looks mostly like a Huntwing yet is brutal in the look|


Feralwing (and their hybrids) that guard the pet shop. Must be decently intelligent and sane.


The Forms

Adding An Animal





Reserving an animal

(ONE per OC. ocs per  PERSON)

Name of Oc:

Name of Animal:

Species of Animal:

Becoming an Employee

Name of oc:


Rank wanted: