Queen Pasque

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"Life can change in a blink of an eye, so for one moment don't blink."

Name Queen Pasque
Gender Female
Species Icewing
Allegiance Icewings
Rank Queen
Orientation Heterosexual(Straight)
Age 17 years(In dragon)
Roleplayer Luna Crystal
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Pasque has a normal Icewing structure. Her underbelly is white, while her top scales are a light blue. Her eyes are a bit of a blue and purple mix.

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Pasque is mostly a chill dragon, and she likes to listen to what others say. Pasque is also very nice and it's hard to tick her off, you would have to do something like threaten her family. Pasque may be a nice dragon, but she will do whatever it takes to protect her family, friends, and tribe.

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Father: Ex-King Ermine

Mother: Ex-Queen Icewing

Brother(s): Prince Borealis

Sister(s): Princess Veil

Husband: King Aldous

Dragonet(s): Prince Avalanche, Princess Sleet

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Orientation: Heterosexual

Crush: N/A

Dragons crushing on Pasque: N/A

Attracted To: Aldous

Dragons Attracted to Pasque: Aldous

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Bullet Guide

Bulletpink = Slight Crush

Bulletpink Bulletpink = Crush

Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletpink = Love

Bulletred = Trust

Bulletred Bulletred = Envy

Bulletred Bulletred Bulletred = Regret

Bulletorange = Like

Bulletorange Bulletorange = Respect

Bulletorange Bulletorange Bulletorange = Idolize

Bulletyellow = Slight Curiosity

Bulletyellow Bulletyellow = Major Curiosity

Bulletyellow Bulletyellow Bulletyellow = Interested

Yellowgreenbullet = Shy

Yellowgreenbullet Yellowgreenbullet = Nervous

Yellowgreenbullet Yellowgreenbullet Yellowgreenbullet = Discomfort

Bulletgreen = Acquaintance

Bulletgreen Bulletgreen = Friend

Bulletgreen Bulletgreen Bulletgreen = Close Friend

Turquoisebullet = Unease

Turquoisebullet Turquoisebullet = Disgust

Turquoisebullet Turquoisebullet Turquoisebullet = Aversion

Bulletblue = Wants to get to know

Bulletblue Bulletblue = Misses

Bulletblue Bulletblue Bulletblue = Can't live without

Bulletpurple = Relative

Bulletpurple Bulletpurple = Family

Bulletpurple Bulletpurple Bulletpurple = A joint in the hip

Bulletwhite = Slightly suspisious

Bulletwhite Bulletwhite = Very Suspisious

Bulletwhite Bulletwhite Bulletwhite = Distrusts

Bulletblack = Annoyed By

Bulletblack Bulletblack = Dislikes

Bulletblack Bulletblack Bulletblack = Hates

Dead-0 = Dead

Question-0 = Missing/Status Unknown

Rose = Family

Heart-1 = Mate

Roseblack = Fling/Ex-Mate

King Ermine | Father | Rose Dead-0 | Badgerburr | "I don't know you at all, I saw you for an instant, a moment and I was a dragonet. We said Hi to each other but that's it, and now your dead so I will truly never get to meet you."

Ex-Queen Icewing | Mother | Rose Dead-0 | NPC | "I never knew you, at all. You were never there for me, I didn't even see you at my hatching! You died and since my sister didn't want the throne I had to take it."

Prince Borealis | Brother | Rose Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletpink | Seawings4life | "Your the best big brother ever! You took care of me when our parents weren't there! Thank You."

Princess Veil | Sister | Rose Question-0 | Sympathetic | "I only met you about once, when you were getting ready to leave the Ice Kingdom. But that's about it."

Gecko | Sister in-law | Rose Bulletgreen Bulletgreen | Foxwolfaccount2 | "Your the best Sister in-law ever! Like Borealis you took care of me when my parents didn't.

King Aldous | Husband | Rose Heart-1 Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletblue Bulletblue | Badgerburr | "My love, my King. I love you with my heart but you've been so busy, and now we even have dragonets. I hope that one day we can just relax together, just you and me."

Prince Avalanche | Son | Rose Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletblue | Roudyruru | "I love you, you and your sister are my sunshine and I know you two will do great things!"

Princess Sleet | Daughter | Rose Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletblue | Luna Crystal | "I love you, you and your brother are my sunshine and I know you two will do great things!"

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