Odds and Ends

We sell all kinds of things, even dragon hearts

Welcome to Odds and Ends, a strange shop in the Bay Village with many secrets. Buy anything, but don't touch the jar of eyeballs! And don't try to steal either. The owner has set up a lethal defense mechanism. (R.I.P Pattern)


Strange Disfigurement: Owner, Manager, Only Worker

Strange Disfigurement is, indeed, a strange disfigurement. He's a hybrid of every single dragon in Pyrrhia, he has no scales, though he's enchanted his skin to be as hard as scales, though keep their sluggish appearance. He's an oversized flying slug.



Small: 30-40 coins

Medium: 40-50 coins

Large: 50-60 coins


Nut Bar: 2 coins

Trail Mix: 3 coins

Dragon Heart Gummies: 4 coins a bag

Jerky: 5 coins


Tiny: 8 coins

Small: 30-40 coins

Medium: 40-50 coins

Large: 50-60 coins

Random Knickknacks

Bag of Marbles: 2 coins

Wooden Toys: 3 coins

Magazines: 4 coins

Ornaments: 5 coins

Scrolls: 6 coins each

Silverware: 7 coins

Plates, Cups: 8 coins

Handmade Accessories: 9 coins

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