• Leopardwings •



• Appearance •

Leopardwings have tawny fur with white bellies, the underside of their tails are white, and white goes up their chest and covers their lower jaw. Their fur is dappled with black spots. No Leopardwing has the same pattern. They have amber, brown, or silver eyes. Albino Leopardwings often have blue eyes, and melanistic Leopardwings often have amber eyes. They have paw-like talons and black spikes that go from their head down their backs, and an inch away from the tip of their tails. They have sharp claws for easily tearing into flesh and strong jaws for breaking bones.


• Abilities •

Leopardwings have sharp claws to easily tear into flesh and strong jaws to break bones. They are silent on their paws, enabling them to be able to sneak up on prey and enemies silently. They have enhanced scent, sight, and hearing. They are able to kill prey and enemies larger than themselves and can breathe fire.


• Attitude • 

Leopardwings don't often involve themselves in battle. Many dragons report not seeing them much, due to them staying in solitude and liking their privacy. They usually only strike if stricken. They have a pretty calm personality. 


 • Preferred Habitat • 

Leopardwings prefer areas with dense bush and plenty of rocks and shade, however, can adapt easily. This helps them survive.


• Extra •

Leopardwings flip their tail onto their back, revealing the white side, to show they don't want trouble.


This is sort of what a Leopardwing looks like.