"Dragons always call me an illusion, and I start to think it's true. That I am only an Illusion."

Name Illusion
Gender Male
Species Nightwing
Allegiance Allwings
Rank Citizen
Orientation Heterosexual(Straight)
Age 12(In dragon)
Roleplayer Luna Crystal


Illusion has a normal Nightwing structure. He has very dark grey scales, with black patterns on them. And he also has white speckles under his wings that look like stars.



Illusion is a nice and kind dragon on the inside, but because of what happened to him he is secritive and keeps to himself.




Father: Nightstar

Mother: Moonflower

Brother(s): none

Sister(s): none

Wife: none

Dragonet(s): none



Orientation: Heterosexual

Crush: N/A

Dragons crushing on Illusion: N/A

Attracted To: Skyfall

Dragons Attracted to Illusion: Skyfall



Bullet Guide

Bulletpink = Slight Crush

Bulletpink Bulletpink = Crush

Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletpink = Love

Bulletred = Trust

Bulletred Bulletred = Envy

Bulletred Bulletred Bulletred = Regret

Bulletorange = Like

Bulletorange Bulletorange = Respect

Bulletorange Bulletorange Bulletorange = Idolize

Bulletyellow = Slight Curiosity

Bulletyellow Bulletyellow = Major Curiosity

Bulletyellow Bulletyellow Bulletyellow = Interested

Yellowgreenbullet = Shy

Yellowgreenbullet Yellowgreenbullet = Nervous

Yellowgreenbullet Yellowgreenbullet Yellowgreenbullet = Discomfort

Bulletgreen = Acquaintance

Bulletgreen Bulletgreen = Friend

Bulletgreen Bulletgreen Bulletgreen = Close Friend

Turquoisebullet = Unease

Turquoisebullet Turquoisebullet = Disgust

Turquoisebullet Turquoisebullet Turquoisebullet = Aversion

Bulletblue = Wants to get to know

Bulletblue Bulletblue = Misses

Bulletblue Bulletblue Bulletblue = Can't live without

Bulletpurple = Relative

Bulletpurple Bulletpurple = Family

Bulletpurple Bulletpurple Bulletpurple = A joint in the hip

Bulletwhite = Slightly suspisious

Bulletwhite Bulletwhite = Very Suspisious

Bulletwhite Bulletwhite Bulletwhite = Distrusts

Bulletblack = Annoyed By

Bulletblack Bulletblack = Dislikes

Bulletblack Bulletblack Bulletblack = Hates

Dead-0 = Dead

Question-0 = Missing/Status Unknown

Rose = Family

Heart-1 = Mate

Roseblack = Fling/Ex-Mate

Moonflower | Mother | Rose Dead-0 Bulletpurple Bulletpurple Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletblue Bulletblue | NPC | "I miss you and father so much. If only you had lived from the wounds the Nightwings gave you two."

Nightstar | Father | Rose Dead-0 Bulletpurple Bulletpurple Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletblue Bulletblue | NPC | "I miss you and mother so much. If only you had lived from the wounds the Nightwings gave you two."

Skyfall | Girlfriend | Bulletgreen Bulletgreen Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletpink | ForeverFrosted | "You helped me so much, and in a way I helped you too. Every time I see you a feeling swirls in my heart that I can't explain, you're my best friend and more."

BackstoryIllusion was born an only dragonet to Moonflower and Nightsky. The small family was always hiding and on the run from dragons, mostly Nightwings. They were hunted because of the family's ancestors, Icewings, and dragons would often say they were not real Nightwings.

On one unfaithful day, Moonflower and Nightsky were murdered, Illusion then did not have a name and he was so sad. The Nightwings found the Nightwing dragonet, they hated him, they didn't think he was a real Nightwing and they all decided to name him Illusion. Some of the Nightwings wanted to kill Illusion, but one decided he was too young, and that when he got older they would send Nightwing soldiers to kill him. They then took Illusion to the Orphanage island and threw him there telling him to never come back, and Illusion stayed at the Orphanage, sad and alone.


One day he met a hybrid named Skyfall, she was crying and Illusion tried to comfort her. And they became best friends.

In the future because of the Forest of Sho and the kingdoms being eaten up he went to the Allwings' island with the other dragons at the Orphanage. He met up with Skyfall who stood for him, a feeling had swirled in his heart for Skyfall, but sometimes he thought she didn't feel the same. But Illusion was wrong. In the future, Skyfall told Illusion she liked him, and the nightwing was happy that someone loved him again.