Scavenger. If you had heard that word 15,000 years ago, you would think of something completely different.

What Happened

What happened was completely unexpected and unaccounted for. The scavengers were underground for years but rose up against us and rebelled. Their forces were too much even for all tribes of dragons to defeat. Even with the ones on the transcontinental dragons the scavengers were too much. They killed and imprisoned our kind. They stole our eggs, young, and any war survivor and made us forget life before the Great War. Now dragon-kind is bred and kept like dogs. Scavengers grew to strong to be harmed by our abilities and instead used us against other dragons. And thus, Dragon Fighting was born. 


I. No swearing. This should be a rule that is always followed due to it being key on the Wiki.

II. No Mary Sues. This means a character that is perfect and can never be defeated. Anyone with a character like this will immediately be rejected.

III. Please do not bully others.

IV. Don't beg for a place as a protagonist or minor character. That is uncalled for.




The-Lonely-Owl Male Skywing
Starlight Openwing Female Moonwing
Swan JuniperTheSkyWing Female Cloudwing
Rouge JuniperTheSkyWing Female Sky/Mudwing
Joltic Spacejump


Male StormWing
Boa Seawing4life Female Serpentwings
Sobek Roudyruru Female Sandwing
--- --- --- TLC Speices
Jason Badgerburr Male Cloudwing
--- --- --- Pyrrhia Species
--- --- --- Tlc Species
Wisp MistyBeeze123 Female Cloudwing


These are characters that the protagonists meet in their travels. Despite not appearing often, they usually affect the plot in large ways.

Species Home Pro or Anti?
Frostbite The-Lonely-Owl Male Icewing Main city Slums/DF arena


Morrison Badgerburr Male Deathwing Main city Slums/DF arena ???
Falcon Roudyruru Female SkyWing X Cloudwing Where ever her rider lives ???
Shell MistyBeeze123 Female Pearlwing The Undercity ???
Taiga JuniperTheSkyWing Female Forestwing X Icewing Biome Domes ???
Snarl MistyBeeze123 Male Cloudwing X Nightwing Main city Slums ???
Tsunami Sweetstarthebrave Female Huntwing X Cloudwng Shes nomadic but she usually stays in the Undercity and Race Town with her owners Pro-hero


(The protagonists will not be leaving the continent of Pyrrhia)

The Main City
Evoltion 2

This City is in the place where Possibility once stood. It is much larger than the original city and is close to Jade Mountain. Dragons who live here are either pets for the wealthy or are used for Dragon Fights, which are popular in the city's slums.

The Undercity

This is a city that is underwater. The few SeaWings left live outside its barrier but are not able to escape into the open ocean due to an electrical fence surrounding the exit. Dragons who live here are either pets for the wealthy or are used for dragon fights in the city.

Farming land

Farmingland is were the majority of food is grown or raised, it is located were the old mudwing territory was. Machines replaced the dragons and scavengers that harvest and plant, so dragons typically carry the food around Pyrrhia or act as pets. They are also bred for racing here.

Race Town
Raceing town

Race Town is a place right outside the main city and is used for Dragon Racing. there is all race track except for a few registration and dragon care/training/boarding buildings and maybe some residential buildings. Dragons who live here are racing dragons,used in Dragon racing or used to broad cast the races from the air. some of the tracks go through the winding mountains of the old skywing kingdom

Biome Domes
Biome Domes

Biome Domes are located in old icewing territory and simulate the environment of they majority kind of dragons that live in them. They are used for by the scavengers for science. Dragons who live here live life like it was before the great war,they don't know the war even happened as the scavengers use them to find out what dragons did before the war.


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Side Character?:

Home(if side character):

Pro or Anti?:


Brief Backstory(Optional):



There are a few sports involving dragons. There is the Legal Dragon Racing, were dragons and scavenger riders face against others for a prize. Then there is the illegal Dragon fighting were scavengers bet money on 1 of 2 dragons ,those dragons fight and if the dragon the person betted on wins they get the money they betted and the other persons.

More may be added,soon.


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