• TheArgentFish

    Concepts, daddy

    August 16, 2017 by TheArgentFish
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  • FlickerCat

    Brinjal OC page

    August 15, 2017 by FlickerCat
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  • The-Lonely-Owl

    Umong the many continents there was one that stood out from the crowed, one that stood high above the clouds, above even the stars and moons if they looked down they would see the moons under them but alas that did not last as the continent broke apart so did the thing holding them up 2 of the biggest islands started falling back down as it fell dragons rushed to the portals that lead to the other continents but alas the stone colasped after 8 could get throught a cruel trick by the gods so as they fell there were screams of torror,sadness and greif but as there screams were so loud only one could here it a dragon stuck between good and evil, insanity and sanity, dragonets and egg were going to die but as a act of mercy the gods made them a…

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  • FlickerCat

    Flicker OC page

    August 14, 2017 by FlickerCat

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  • Seawings4Life

    Mate Maker

    August 14, 2017 by Seawings4Life

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  • The-Lonely-Owl

    Fresh Finish Market

    August 13, 2017 by The-Lonely-Owl


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  • The-Lonely-Owl

    The Sweet Cave

    August 13, 2017 by The-Lonely-Owl

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  • JuniperTheSkyWing

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  • JuniperTheSkyWing


    August 13, 2017 by JuniperTheSkyWing

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  • The-Lonely-Owl
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  • JuniperTheSkyWing

    a trash

    August 10, 2017 by JuniperTheSkyWing

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  • The-Lonely-Owl


    August 9, 2017 by The-Lonely-Owl
    1. My sandwing ocs Tumbleweed,Viper,and Zerda are all siblings with Viper being the oldest Tumbleweed is the youngest and Zerda in the middle and the reason there stingers are either covered in a metal or torn off(cough Tumbleweed cough) is because there mother murdered there father when Viper was 5 Zerda was 3.5 and Tumbleweed was 1 and  they ganged up on there mother as they saw her murder him and they all used there stingers are to kill her as that's what she did to there father and being so traumatized they swore never to use them again, Viper got his coated in gold ,Zerdas in Silver and Tumbleweeds in bronze(tho he tore it off)
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  • TheArgentFish

    False Liberation

    August 7, 2017 by TheArgentFish

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  • JuniperTheSkyWing

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  • The-Lonely-Owl


    August 3, 2017 by The-Lonely-Owl

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  • Seawings4Life
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  • The-Lonely-Owl

    Tumbleweed stufff

    August 2, 2017 by The-Lonely-Owl

    So uhh how to put this lightly but ahh Tumbleweed has a um a paranormal creature in him and the pic is what it looks like out of his body/mind so ya... And that's why he acts like he does but let me clear something this paranormal creature feeds off things like mental illnesses like MPD so he still has that 

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  • Luna Crystal

    Tribe Ideas

    August 2, 2017 by Luna Crystal



    Sunwings have yellow scales, with orange tips on their tails and wings. It's rare for a dragonet to be hatched with orange scales across their body, and even rarer if a Sunwing dragonet is hatched with a few red scale tips. Ontop of their bodies they have soft feather like scales, but on the bottom is a hard layer of tough scales.

    Sunwing's eyes are orange, and a Sunwing can have light or dark orange eyes. Red eyes is rare, and dragons with red eyes only have tints that's why it's rare. Some dragons can also be found with green eyes, but like red eyes you can only really find tints.

    Sunwing's snout curve a little like a bird, it helps them climb high places like mountins. But in general it helps climb a little better. Thei…
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  • Luna Crystal

    My Characters

    July 29, 2017 by Luna Crystal

    My Current Characters




    Adder - Female - Dragonet/Teen

    Birch - Male - Travler - Forest X Sand Hybrid


    Sparrow - Male - Soldier - Sky X Night hybrid

    Falcon - Male - Soldier


    Princess Seashell - Female - Princess


    Bat - Male - Dragonet - Rain X Bug hybrid


    Princess Pasque - Female - Dragonet


    Sparrow - Male - Soldier - Night X Sky hybrid
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  • JuniperTheSkyWing
    The Death of Bravery

    "There was once a force

    so lovely, so good

    She made me happy

    like nobody could."

    "Every scale, every thought, so beautiful

    I loved her with all of my being

    until those of twisted-heart

    tore her away."

    "I did not know what they did

    why they forced her away

    So now I wait until

    the day I will see her again."

    "No warrior is able to fight

    without bravery and courage

    but with the bravery of all deep in the void

    they will be driven astray."

    "I am a warrior not of talon, but of mind

    walking upon an aimless path

    until Courage blooms in the face of doubt

    and something snapped is retied."

    "What have I done?"

    it shall cry for forgiveness

    when the day comes

    for things to be set right."

    "So the rains will come, and flow upon his face

    until the rain ends

    and t…

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  • Seawings4Life

    Lost Love

    July 28, 2017 by Seawings4Life
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  • JuniperTheSkyWing

    Okay. Before we start, I just want to put in a note. For those of you who don't know, MAP stands for Multiple Animator Project, not an actual map. I was very confused about this for a year or so. (It was embarassing.)

    History of Pyrrhia PMV MAP

    Song - Willow Tree March (I forgot the name then my friend told me it.)




    - All Queens (Deceased and alive)

    - Four AllWings (Not including Splash & Cockatiel, feel free to add your OCs)

    - Aconcagua

    - Nightflame & Phoenix (The Orphanage)

    - The Cult (+ The Hydra/Battle)

    - The HuntWings (Hurricane and Ginger's Encounter)

    - A brief pan over the other continents & AllWing island (Zoom into Pyrrhia)

    - HuntWings hunting (They were one of the first SCT tribes, and deserve a cameo)

    - Somet…

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  • Sweetstarthebrave

    Dragonet Adopt

    Fir has three pups in which she cares for.  Sorry for the boring intro but hey these pups are awesome!

    (They are 3/4 wolfwing and 1/4 huntwing)

    For the mother. Fir

    Apperance: An Agouti Wolfwing with bigger wings, serrated claws, powerful back legs, and the same fur thickness as a Huntwing. She has a blue eye color and has large horns. She has four ears.

    Abilities: All normal wolfwing abilties, Enhanced senses, 


    Appearance: A white fluffy pup. She has powerful back legs and big wings symbolizing her distant huntwing ancestors.  She has thick outer fur and thinner underbelly fur.  She has smaller horns and rough serrated claws. She is a powerful fighter however not that good at hunting. Her eye color is green.

    Abilities: Can …

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  • Seawings4Life
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  • The-Lonely-Owl

    The Island Gods

    July 26, 2017 by The-Lonely-Owl
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  • Luna Crystal


    July 23, 2017 by Luna Crystal

    The Shadows

    Are you afraid of the shadows? Of what lerks in them? Well you should be, we are the Shadows, and we are here to conquer.

    The Shadows plot is taking place in the present. A group of dragons want to rule Phyrrhia by killing each queen, King, Princess, and princes in Pyrrhia. There was a Propecy that 15 dragonets would come and save the day, by getting rid of the evil group of dragons. The evil group is made out of dragons from every group. And the dragonets of the Propecy are scattered all over Pyrrhia.


    Darkness will fill all of the lands,

    Shadows will come and try to take command.

    Trying to kill all the heirs,

    so they can take over to world.

    15 dragonets separated, in all of Pyrrhia.

    15 dragonets born to save the day.

    Dragonets: …

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  • JuniperTheSkyWing

    Requests will not be opened until AFTER I have finished all of my requests.

    Out of sheer boredom, guess who's taking art requests? (Me.)

    NOTE: It MAY take a while for me to get the piece to you, maybe a day or so of delay while I try and figure out how to send the pics across. For all you peeps who requested full bodies, please keep in mind the anatomy might be just a tad off, because I'm waiting for my new stylus to get here and am drawing everything with my HANDS.

    I can do:

    • Headshot of any dragon OC (Very easy, takes next to no time)
    • Fullbody of any dragon OC (Takes a bit less time, but still quite a while)
    • Half body of any dragon OC (I draw the fullbody and slash off half of it)
    • Headshot, Fullbody, and Halfbody of multiple dragon OCs (Most com…
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  • Luna Crystal

    A Small Word.

    July 22, 2017 by Luna Crystal

    Life is the most strongest thing in the world,

    yet it's the most fragile thing as well.

    Someone can save a life,

    or crush it.

    Life is in the eye of the beholder.

    You can chose to live it fully,

    or just let it go away.

    Life is one of the best things you will ever receive,

    so use it fully, till the very end.
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  • Seawings4Life
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  • Nightflare10

    hi im nightflare10 so i will do a Q and A if i can get a youtube account so ask my anything i know this is a blog but i want to make one blog a Q and A so i can put in video and answer quisions but i might answer some on the wiki. so i will tell a story so know children sit down and liten XD.

    so i want to a lullbary with my sis and my mom i found the 3rd book called the hidden kindom then i say " hope there is no humans in this dragon book" then i got it when we got home i never read the book cuz i always think its most humans. but i looked up the wings of fire and see not alote of arts or humans and i say " okay so this book series look cool i will trie and find the first book" so i did in my school luybarry and i have read the dragonet pr…

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  • The-Lonely-Owl


    July 10, 2017 by The-Lonely-Owl


    The-Lonely-Owl Male Hooded Dragon 2,010 yrs

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  • FøreverFrøsted

    ~The ArachnidWings~

    Oh! Hello! Aren't you a funny little creature. I'm Wolfcurse, and what's your name? That's lovely! It is quite a pleasure to meet you. I'm afraid I must be on my way, darling. What's that? Why, of course you may fly with me! You have questions about the way I look, I'm assuming? Well.. My species are called ArachnidWings. Haha! A mouthful; I know! We were once Bugwings. My kind were born with.. Deformities, I suppose. We were cast away by our tribe. Ah! Here we are. Er- Yes... There is a way you could hear more about us! But you'll need to follow me. What? You're afraid? Maybe you should leave, then. Cowards are not welcome here. 

    Will You Have The Courage To Trust Wolfcurse and Her Tribe?

    Or Will You Fear Them For Evermor…

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  • Luna Crystal


    Queen Cockatiel and Egale have showen there love many times and now after a while they are having dragonets.

    Meet the Dragonets


    Breeze (Luna Crystal) - /female/ Breeze is a slightly smaller version of a SkyWing, and her wings are a bit more like a RainWings. She cannot shift her color, though she has an uncanny knack for being able to fly through small spaces easily. She also spits poison-fire, but the poison is slightly weaker than Cliff's. She's smart, clever, and sarcastic, quite a bit like Glory. Sometimes she feels a bit jealous of Cliff's power, but all in all, the two are inseperable.


    Azaleas (Sweetstarthebeave) - http://wof-hybrids.devianta…

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