Proof of my Subnautica obsession. Also, dibs on Skyrays, because those things are FREAKING CUTE.

Long before the first dragons walked the earth, there were ancient beasts, the likes of which Pyrrhia has not remembered...

20150927 SN LostRiver Large





~ Do not use other's claimed species/OCs

There are many, many ancient creatures, more than enough for everyone to share. But if someone has claimed the Cavesnakes, you can't roleplay as a Cavesnake without their permission. You can interact with Cavesnakes, but cannot roleplay as one.

~ Filled Ranks

Currrently only applies to the survivors. Once all five have been filled, NO MORE SURVIVORS CAN APPLY, UNLESS one of the existing ones leaves/takes a break/is killed, until the Rescue Mission plot.

wait what rescue mission i didn't say anything-



Several dragons from the far future were testing a time-travel machine to go back to our current RP time, but the machine malfunctioned and sent them too far back, thus crashing them in the Ancient Pyrrhia (100,000 million years from current RP time). With their highly advanced future technology, they must attempt to survive in a strange world, a world that is new yet ancient.

Part 1

The Landing

The time-travel device, a large spaceship-like creation dubbed 'Aurora', has crashed-er, landed-in a strange past world. The continents have not yet fully emerged, save for two small islands. Most of the world is deep under the sea, where only the SeaWings could normally get to. Luckily, one of your companions saved the equipment needed for an extremely deep aquatic mission.

Active once all survivors are filled.


Land Species


Aquatic Species


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